About -Lila-

Kiel, 25 oct 2007Hi all..

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am ‘Asterlila Pusparani’, shortly you can call me Lila.

I was born in Padang, and I spent my first 19 years in a small rich town in Riau, Duri. And then in the next 10 years after that I live in Bandung, in this town I learn more about everything.. Now when I type this blog.. I sit behind my laptop in Wageningen, a small town in Netherlands..

To be a doctor was what I want to be since I was a child (just like others I think..).. And I made it in Padjadjaran University (UNPAD). In UNPAD, I graduated my Master degree in Pharmacology.. Now i’m in the middle of my journey to complete my second master degree in Nutrition and health in Wageningen University..

Not like to be a doctor.. To be a researcher is something that I never imagine before.. But in this time being, I enjoy so much as a young researcher.. Especially with what I’m work with before i’m leaving.. I work with Frontiers for health foundation, a local NGO that exist in Early Chilhood Care and Development..

In my journey of life I just want t be as simple as I can.. I just want to be just like it seems..

I have been through so many steps, but I still want to step forward..


10 Responses to “About -Lila-”

  1. Hemm.. Long story to share, nice friend ever found.. keep cheering and cherising others..


  2. heeemm… really? it is not enough having one master? ckckck… good luck, bu lila!!!

  3. you are the story that I cannot finish to read.
    you are the dream which I can’t reach…
    just being a sweet dream along my journey of life

  4. hai lila, assalamualaikum…
    remember me g? long time not see….
    miss u..old friend from seulawah 15

  5. wahhhh…kirain dirimu dokter praktek say…hehehe.

  6. assalam…

    kak lila, bagaimana kabarnya?

    lama juga ya tidak bersilaturrahim lagi

    sudah cukup lama di Belanda ya?



    adek f. rasyad

  7. assalamualaykum Lila, thanks sudah dipinjemin kamar dulu waktu sy di wage (via. jhony) 🙂 Sukses ya! keep in touch, bu dokter 🙂

  8. For this earth is old and grey..little darlin’ well away..Oh so many years have gone..

    Though i’m older but a year.


  9. Nice blog. & nice 2 meet u again

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